The Military Grade SolarRev ASOG2

Calriger Military Defense Technology developed innovative rugged gears and technologies for the Armed Forces of the Philippines since 2012 with the help of 7th CRG CRS AFP and the NRTDC PH Navy. Due to blackouts caused by disasters and calamities, the CALRIGER MDT enhance its portable and rugged techs and developed the SolarRev Arsenal SOG Tactical Powerbank Generator Series. Various models of SolarRev ASOG TPG Equipment were introduced and featured in the ARMSCOR Tactical Expo and was adopted by military bases for their Off-grid operations and rescue recon missions.Learn more about Calriger SolarRev ASOG Series at Defense News Daily Armed Forces of the Philippines and at Calriger CEO Giancarlo Capco Inventions at

Way of the Strategist 2022: Fighting Negativity

CALRIGER’s Way of the Strategist

Way of the Strategist 2022: When negative things around you already affects more your emotions and not your virtuous thinking, it is time for you to side step outside the path for awhile to refill your tank of wisdom and virtues. When your tank has enough then you can go back to the path and continue your mission to make the world a better place as you share your strategies, wisdom and virtues to the people in need. – GCaps CALRIGER www,