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During our travels with the missionaries, we witnessed the importance of bringing portable SolarRev Generator because this gives light in dark times, it never fails to charge our communication devices especially the radio comms and GPS Navigators and there are portable health devices that can be plugged in the SolarRev and ensures availability of basic medical health check in the offgrid sites and the best that the SolarRev can do for us is for it to always be powered by the sun at day time and make power available all the time.  – Giancarlo Capco


Giancarlo Capco is the CEO of CALRIGER and the inventor of the SolarRev SOG Generators
and Powerstation Technologies, both are made in Pateros Philippines.
Learn more at www.calriger.net

News and Updates

Military and Civilian Inventors Joined Forces in Developing the SolarRev ASOG2 Generator

Good technologies are developed when Military Research Centers, Civilian Inventors and Scientists work together for the betterment of the Philippines. This collaboration gave birth to the Pateros City Initiative Project the CALRIGER SolarRev ASOG2 Generator by CALRIGER Military Tech Division headed by Giancarlo Capco, CEO and Founder of Calriger SolarRev Technologies www.calriger.net Be updated with …

Territorial Defense Upgrades with the Calriger SolarRev SOG Generator in the West Philippine Sea

Sabi ni Giancarlo Capco, isang Inventor ng Military Grade SoalrRev na Napapanahon ang pag tuloy ng pagsasaayos ng barkong ito para sa depensa ng ating bansa laban sa mga dayuhang nangugulo sa ating mga territoryo, at sinabi rin niya na Supportado ng Calriger SolarRev Military Pateros City Tech ang Technology Advancement at Defense Upgrade Transformation ng BRP Sierra Madre sa West Philippines Sea dahil Atin ang West Philippine Sea


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