Capco, Calriger and Armed Forces of the Philippines Partnership Projects

Service to the people is the life of the CALRIGER SolarRev SOG Missionary Team: When disaster strikes the bravest men of the Philippine Army, 7th CRG CRS AFP together with our CALRIGER SolarRev Missionary Team have the clearest hearts to see and face the danger ahead as we feel the fear that Filipino people see infront of them, fear caused by blackouts and hunger that strike them.

Our Missionary Team makes facing danger as part of our lives, we go and face it as we conquer our fears and give people hope, light and do our best to protect their lives from these dangers roaming around brought about by these calamities.

– CALRIGER SolarRev SOG Missionary TeamCSRSOGM Team Headed by: Giancarlo Capco7th CRG CRS AFP: Headed by LTC Frank Sayson (Philippine Army)SolarRev Technology: ASOG2 and ASOG500

See featured story: credits to: Giancarlo Capco

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